A. Prof. D.R Purohit

Curriculam Vitae of D.R. Purohit

Full Name as given by the parents: Data Ram

Official Name: D.R.Purohit

Father’ Name: Late Urvi Dutt Purohit

Mother’ Name: Late Kasturi Devi

Place of Birth: Village Queeli in Rudra prayag District of Uttaranchal State.(Born in a Cowshed

Date of Birth: 8th August 1953.

Childhood Education:: Went to a local primary school and taught by the famous teacher Hari Ram Purohit. Became an expert in taking herds daily to the forest and thereafter learnt to plough fields out of compulsion . Artistic hobbies like seeing Ram Lila and dance rituals like Pandava, Naag and Goril germinated during the period .At the age of 15, established the drama club of Queeli village and scripted and directed. a couple of Nautanki styled plays for the club. Acted the parts of Ram, Laxman, Sita, Ahilya, and Sumant and many other minor plays in the Ram lilas every year.

Academic Qualifications: M.A., English

M.Phil. with dissertation on “ Northrop Frye’s Theory and Practice of Myth Criticism”

D.Phil. on “Medieval English Folk Drama and Garhwali Folk Theatre : A Comparative Study”

Post Doctoral Researches: Folk theatre , folk music, myths, ballads , tales and fairs and festivals of Uttaranchal.

Membership and Associations:

1. Member American Studies Research Centre, Hyderabad.

2.Member, Contemporary Society, Baroda

3. Member National Folklore Support Centre, Chennai

4. Trustee, Rurral Entrepreneurship in Arts and Cultural Heritage(REACH), Dehradun

5.Member, Uttarakhand Sanskriti, Sahitya evam Kala Parishad, Utttaranchal(Apex state level body on arts and culture)

6. Founder Prisident, ‘the Friends of Trees’

7.Founder Secretary, Vidyadhars’ SRICALA Srinagar( A society meant for researches and experimens in arts and culture till date)

8. Founder member and present Vice President, Shailnat theatre group, Srinagar

9.Member, governing body, Himalayan Action Research Centre, Dehradun

10.Member,editorial board, H.N.B. Garhwal University, News Letter

Theatre and music productions/participations:

1.Produced four plays for Vidyadhar’s SRICALA, Sriangar: Sadhunaam Kschetrapal Kunwar, Paanch Bhai Kathait, Chakravyooh, and Burhdewa and presented them in the National school of Drama, New Delhi.

2. Produced Nanda Devi Raj Jat for Vidyadhars’ SRICALA, Srinagar and presented the same in Patbira festival of Queeli village in Rudraprayag district (2006)

3.. Assisted in production of Yakulo Batohi (Jesus,the Solitary Sojourner) in Garhwali dialect and idiom for a Christian missionary group and Nanda Devi Raaj Jaat 2000 for Shailnat theatr Group

4. conducted a month long workshop on theatre in the H.N.B. Garhwal University, 1985.

5..Coordinated a month long workshop on the documentation of the music of the dhol( percussion instrument) and its ensemble for REACH, Dehradun(2001)

6.. Assisted in production of Himalayi Naad( the primordial musical sound of Himalaya) for REACH, Dehradun(2001).

7.. Assisted in production of an audio album Meoli , a Garhwali version of Christmas carols 8.. Produced on behalf of REACH, Dehradun. A100 minute audio CD on Nanda ke Jaagar (2006)

9..Scripted songs for a 120 minute album Nanda Devi Raaj Jaat, 2000

10.. Engaged in research and training of the mangal geets, auspicious songs of Garhwal. 11..Formed dhol(folk drums and other musical instruments orchestra) in H.N.B. garhwal University and REACH, Dehradun.

12. Organized a week long theatre festival in the University campus, Srinagar in Nov-Dec, 2006.

13. Organized production and presentation of folk plays for Vidydhars’ SRICALA,since 1998, numbering 25.s

Theatre Scripts :

1. Nanda Devi Raaj Jaat 2000

2. Chakravyooh


4.Paanch Bhai Kathait

5.Yakulu Batohi

6. Election main Krishna

7. Gandhi Bauda ki Antim Yatra

8. Roopkund ki Dukhad yatra

9. Bikram Bagdwaal.

10.Condolence for a Gutka Eater

Play Acting :

Acted in atleast 20 plays produced by several theatre groups one of which was telecast in threeepisodes on Door Darshan, India


Monkey’s Paw

Panch Bhai Kathait



Nanda Devi Raj Jat

Sadhunaam Kschetrapal Kunwar

Researches undertaken:

1. Supervised 12 M.Phil dissertations on English literature .

2. Supervised six D.Phil dissertations on English Literature

Books Published :

1.Folk Arts and Artistes of Garhwal for The Culture Department, U.P.

2. Religio Folk Theatre of Garhwal for Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, New Delhi

3.Temple Maha Bharata of Garhwal, H.N.B., Garhwal University

4. Faila Panch Naag tradition of the Marcha tribes of Niti valley

k Theatre of Uttaranchal for Sangeet Natak Akademi, Delhi

6.The processional ritual of seven serpent sisters of Pinadar Valley

7. Fairs and festivals of Garhwal

8. Nanda Devi Raaj Jaat, the 12 yearly processional ritual processional ritual.

9. Folk drummers of Garhwal Himalaya

10. Mask dance dama tradition of Garhwal

11. The Pandava dance drama and ritual .

12. The bardic theatre of Garhwal.

13 Bagdwali: The ritual theatre of agro-pastoral society

14.Currently engaged as advisor and collaborator in a research project “Dynamics of Ritual”(SF8) at the university of Heidelberg. Working with Dr. C. Brosius and Karin Polit(M.A. and doctoral candidates) on the sub project “Heritage Rituals in India and the State of Uttaraanchal”

15. The Holi singing tradition of the professonal bards

Important Lectures and Seminars:

1. 17the South Asia conference 2002. Presented a paper on the Temple Mahabharata of Mandakini Valley in the 44 panel(13th Sept, 2002)

2. “Folk Theatre of Garhwal” in South Asia Institute, Heidelberg, Germany(6th Sept, 2002)

3.. Temple Mahabharata traditions of Garhwal in Sahitya Akademi seminar in 2004

4.. ”Folk music of Garhwal” in a seminar held at Chandigarh in Oct 2002 organized by the Sangeet Nataktn Akademi,Delhi

5. Satire and Civil society in Uttaranchal folk Drama, IGNCA, New Delhi,2002

6.Thesaurus of Folk Aesthetics of Garhwali Literature, IGNCA, New Delhi, 1992.

7. The Mask Dance- Drama and Related Traditions of the Tribes of Alaknanda Valley, UttarPradesh Administrative Academi, Nainital,1996.

8. Folk Theatre of Garhwal, Sangeet Natak Akademi workshop, Dehradun, 2001

9.Post production lecture-The National School of Drama, New Delhi,19th Jan


10. Folk Cuture of Garhwal, Virasat 1999, Dehradun

11. More than 25 lectures on the culture and arts of Uttaranchal in H.N.B. Garhwal University, Srinagar on different occasion of national and international seminars of Uttaranchal in villages, towns, schools and colleges of Uttaranchal.

12. “fishinf ritual as Festival in Garhwal Himalaya”. History congress, Dccan College Pune, 1999.

Documentaries and Films:

1. Reasearch and script for a documentary film” A Day of

the Mask Dances”(1994)

2. Assistant Director and script writer in Nanda Devi Raj

Jaat 1987 for Ankan Productions , Delhi

3. A 30- minute documentary entitled as “Achievers” telecast on Door Darshan, India in Dec1995 on D.R.Purohit

Honors and Awards:

Parvatjan honor, Dehradun,2002

Jaideep honor, Gopeshwar,2003,

Sangeet Natak Akademi Senior Fellowship, New Delhi,2003-2005.

Himgiri honor, Dehradun, 2006.

Uttarakhand sanskriti Sammaan 2005-06 by Lakschya Productions, Dehradun

List of Publications: (a) Books

1.Garhwal ki Lok Kala avam Uske KalakarFolk A’rts and Artists of garhwal’.Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh Culture Department,1994-95.

2. Dhol, Dholi evam Dhol Vadan,’The drum, the drummer, and the drumming’. Anjanisain, Tehri: Sri Bhuwaneshwari Mahila Ashram, 2001.

3”Garhwal ki Lok Kala”,d a section in Lok Sanskriti.Lucknow: U.P.

. Culture Department,1996.

4. The Ballad of Nanda Devi (in press) Co-authoring with Wiiam S Sax, South Asia Institute, Heidelberg, Germany

5. The Romantic Poets. Srinagar: Garhwal Reporter Press, 1981.

(b) Papers and articles

1.” Concept of Panch Bhutas in Garhwal and the Thesaurus of Folk Aesthetics”.Prakriti.Ed. Kapila Vatsyayan. New Delhi:IGNCA,1995.

2.”Bagdwali: An Image of Feudalism”. Himkanti.Ed.B.M. Khanduri and Vinod Nautiyal.New Delhi:Book India, 1997. Doon City Chronicle July,1998

3.”Fairs and Festivals of Garhwal.Garhwal:Nature, Culture and

Society.Eds. O.P.Kandari and O.P. Gusain.Sriangar: Transmedia,2001.

4.”Lata Pattar”,’The Lata Mask’. Chhaya Nat 1993

5. “Garhwal ke Lok Natya”. Manava,1999.

6. Interview of D.R.Purohit.”Going Beyond slogans”. Doon City Chronicles,1999.

7.”Sanskriti par Ap-Sanskriti ke Akraman”,’(A culture under seizure of degenerate culture).

Vartman Uttarakhand,Oct 1994 Hilas,1995and Uttarakhand Andolan:Eik Dastawez,1995.

8.”Machhali Marne ka Utsava :Maun” (‘Maun: The Fishing Festival of Garhwal’). Garhwal and

Garhwal. Ed. Ganesh Khugsal. Pauri: Binsar Publisher,2001

9. “Samaya ki Dhund mein Kho Gaye Hain Lok Sangeet ke Samvahak”, (’ In the mist of time have been lost the tradition bearers of folk music’). Boond(54), March 2003

10.”Fuldei: The flower festival Uttaranchal”.Pavam.March,2003 Satire and Civil Society in Uttaranchal Folk Drama”.Folklore, Public Space and Civil Society.Chennai: National Folklore Support Centre.Delhi: IGNCA,2003.

12 ” Grammar of Drumming”.Aaj ka Pahar.Pithoragarh: 2004.

13. “The Subject of Dhol Saagar” (Treatise on Drumming)”.,2005

14.”Pandava Ritual and Its Theatre:Chakravyooh”.The Journal of the Meerut University Alumni.Vol V(2005).

15. “Rama in the folk Performances of Garhwal Himalaya”. Ramayana Tradition in Historical Perspective. Ed. D.P Saklani. Delhi: Pratibha Prakashan,2006

16. “The Sacred in Nature: Culture and Ecology in Uttaranchal Himalaya. Souvenir of the national seminar, Department of Geology, H.N.B. Garhwal University, Srinagar, 2003

17. “Cultural Resources: The Context of the Central Himalaya”. Sounir of national seminar, department of Geography, H.N. B. Garhwal University, 2002

18. “Truly Himalayan”. Souvenir of national seminar, Department of History, H.N.B. Garhwal University, Srinagar, 2004.

19. “ Himalayi Naad: Uttarakhand ke Vadya Yantraun par Abhinava Prayoga”(‘Himalayi Naad : An Innovative Experiment on the Folk Instruments of Uttarakhand’). Aaj ka Pahaar, 2004, pp.16-18.

20. “ Uttarakhand mein Nanda Bhakti”. Souvenir of Patbira festival of Queeli village ,2006.

21. “Patibira: Nanda Pujan ka Eik aur Roop”. Nana Raj Jat 2000. Gopeshwar, 2000.

22. “Dr. Data Ram Purohit : Lok sanskriti ke liye Samarpit”. Uttarakhand Vani, and Purvasi, Aug 2003.

Accepted for Publicattion:

1. “The Temple Mahabharata of Mandakini Valley”. In the proceedings of the 17th European conference on Modern South Asian Studies, Heidelberg University, Germany.


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