B. Centre for Folk and Performing Arts

Focal Theme

Preservation and restoration of the performing arts and culture of Garhwal.


1- Preservation of Himalayan culture and heritage.

2- Experimentation in folk art expression.

3- Restoration of traditional genres.

4- Propagation and projection of the cultural heritage of Garhwal.

5- Revival of interest in regional art and culture.


The centre function as a guardian institution co-coordinating and networking other local institutions, organizations and individuals already working in this field. At the same time it has its own personnel and artists working for preservation, restoration and experimentation of functional culture. It has the following units:

(I) Documentation Centre/Multimedia Centre.

(II) Library and Archive.

(III) Theatre, Dance, Music, and Craft section.

(IV) Field study, research, and analysis.

(V) Marketing wing.


The Department offers Two-year diploma in Folk theatre of Uttaranchal. The course comprises theories and exercises of theatre in general and folk theatre of Uttaranchal including “folk-music” in particular. This diploma is expected to have great job prospects for students on the one hand, and, on the other, to generate a substantial amount of finances for the department.

In coming year’s department will run the following three more courses :

1. Diploma in folk music, songs, and dances of Uttaranchal.

The course content will further be divided into two parts, namely:

(a) Percussion instruments and Orchestration.

(b) Songs, music, dance and lore.

2. Undergraduate course .

It will be a three year course having two papers in each year.

B.A. I

Paper I Theories of folk music, dance and songs.

Paper II Media and documentation techniques.


Paper I Folk theatre.

Paper II Media techniques.


Paper I Theatre exercises, direction and 5 productions.

Paper II Light, set, costume and property designing.

Diploma in Folk Arts and Crafts: To supplement the needs of the (a) diploma course in song dance and music (b) diploma in folk theatre and (c) undergraduate courses, a separate section in the performing arts department is proposed for training, designing, and production of:

(a) Sets and properties.

(b) Lights.

(c) Costumes.

(d) Make-up material.

Besides fulfilling these needs the department will also run a diploma in souvenir designing, to design and produce traditional masks, costumes, ornaments, ritual properties, musical instruments etc.

Educational Packages:

The centre shall run short-term educational courses in culture and regional arts for orienting the following target groups:

(a) Administrators

(b) Hoteliers and Tour-operators.

(c) Planners and NGOs.

(d) Foreign Researchers.

(e) Schools and Colleges.



Centre For Folk and Performing Arts

Birla Campus Srinagar Garhwal

HNB Garhwal Universty

Srinagar Garhwal

Dist. pauri

State – Uttrakhand

INDIA 246174

Centre Head/Director – Prof D.R Purohit

Phone – +919411154597

Email- dee_jia@rediffmail.com


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