C. Learn Garhwali

Learn Garhwali

The local dialects spoken by the people of Garhwal are terned as Garhwali or Gadwali dialects. Various variations of Garhwali can be seen at the different parts of Garhwali.

The following form of Garhwali is adopted from the region near Kotdwar/Pauri.

Following is a translation between English and Garhwali sentences:

Pronunciation Help :
*’aa’ should be pronounced as ‘aa’ in ‘bazaar’
*'(n)’ should be pronounced for getting the feel of n only.

Lets Start

English : What is your name

Garhwali : Tyar naam kya cha?

English : My name is Kamal

Garhwali : Myar naam kamal cha.

English : How are you?

Garhwali : Tum kan chee?

English : I am fine. How are you?

Garhwali : Me theek chaun. Tu kan che?

English : How are other members of the family?

Garhwali : Ghar maa(n) aur log kan chan?

English : They all are fine.

Garhwali : Woo bhi sab theek chan.

English : What are you doing these days?

Garhwali : Aajkal kya kanu che?

English : I am teaching in a school.

Garhwali : Me ek school maa(m) padhanoo chau(n).

English : Where do you live?

Garhwali : Tu kha(n)k rehandi?

English : I live in Pushp Vihar near Saket

Garhwali : Me saket ka bagal maa(n) pushp vihar maa(n).

English : Who else lives with you?

Garhwali : Tyar dagad aur ku ku rahndan?

English : I live with my parents, younger sister, elder brother and bhabi.

Garhwali : Me maji, pitaji, choti bhuli, bhai aur bhabhi dagad.

English : So your elder brother got married? When?

Garhwali : O.. badu bhaai ka byoh kab hwaai

English : Last year.

Garhwali : Pichal saal.

English : In which class is your sister studying?

Garhwali : Bhuli kai class maa(n) padhni cha?

English : She is studying in 11th class.

Garhwali : Wa 11th ma cha.

English : What are doing this Sunday?

Garhwali : Ye itvaar kun tu kyaa kani che?

English : Nothing planned as such.

Garhwali : Abhi ta kuch khaas ni cha.

English : Why don’t you come to our home on Sunday?

Garhwali : Tu myaar ghar kilai ni aie jandi itvaar kun?

English : Everyone will be happy to see you after such a long time.

Garhwali : Sab log khush whal twetai dekhi kan.

English : I myself want to see them all. I will try to come on Sunday

Garhwali : Me khud bhi woon tai milnu cha(n)dhu. Theek cha me dekhud chaun itvaar kun

English : Ok. I shall leave now.

Garhwali : Theek cha. Ab me chaldu chau(n).

English : Well, see you on Sunday.

Garhwali : Theek cha, fir itvaar kun mildwaa(n)

English : Do you know Garhwali?

Garhwali : Tu Garhwali jaandi che?

English : Yes, a little bit of it.

Garhwali : Haan thoda bhaut.

English : Can you speak Garhwali?

Garhwali : Kya tu Garhwali boli leendi?

English : No. But I can understand Garhwali.

Garhwali : Na, bolu ta ni sakadu par bing leendu.

English : Do you want to learn Garhwali?

Garhwali : Kya tu Garhwali sikhan chahandi?

English : Yes. I want to learn it.

Garhwali : Haan, jaroor.

English : When did you buy this mobile phone?

Garhwali : Teen ye mobile kab lyai?

English : I bought it last month.

Garhwali : Pichal mahinaa.

English : What is your phone number?

Garhwali : Tyaar mobile number kya cha?

English : My mobile number is 9818123456.

Garhwali : Myaar mobile number cha 9818123456.

English : Do you know Anil Mehra?

Garhwali : Tu Anil Rawat tai jaandi che?

English : Yes, he is the Sarpanch of your village.

Garhwali : Haan wu hamar gaon ka sarpanch cha.

English : Are you married?

Garhwali : Byoh ho gyai tyaar?

English : Yes, I am married for three years.

Garhwali : Haan teen saal pali hi hwe gya chay.

English : Where are you married from?

Garhwali : Kakh bitak hwyaa tyar byoh?

English : Premnagar in Dehradun.

Garhwali : Dehradun maa Premnagar bitak.

English : How many children do you have?

Garhwali : Kathga bachhaa chan tyaar?

English : I have only one daughter.

Garhwali : Meri ek beti cha bas.

English : When are you going to marry?

Garhwali : Tu kab kani che byoh?

English : I haven’t decided it yet.

Garhwali : Abi ta kuch ni sochi.

English : Will you marry me?

Garhwali : Kyaa tu myaar dagad byoh karali?

English : I need some time to think about it.

Garhwali : Mitai kuch taem chaenu cha sochanu ku(n).

English : Where do you work?

Garhwali : Tu kakh kaam karadi?

English : I work in a Call Centre in Delhi.

Garhwali : Me Dilli ma call center ma kaam karadu.

English : When will you come?

Garhwali : Tu kab aili?

English : I will come on Tuesday evening.

Garhwali : Me mangalwaar shaam tai aulu.

English : Will you drink tea?

Garhwali : Chai peenai kya?

English : No. Not now.

Garhwali : Na abi na.

English : Would you like to have tea or coffee?

Garhwali : Tu chai coffee kuch peenai kya?

English : I would like to have coffee.

Garhwali : Haan coffee lelu(n)l.

English : Have you had your lunch?

Garhwali : Tween din ka khanauk khaai yal.

English : No. I am on fast today.

Garhwali : Na aaj myaar bart cha.

English : Shall I go?

Garhwali : Ab chalwa(n) ?

English : You can go after some time.

Garhwali : Tu kuch taem ka baad jai sakadi.

English : May I come in?

Garhwali : Kya me bhitar ai sakadu?

English : Yes. You don’t need any permission for that.

Garhwali : Haan haan, twe tai kain aagya ka jaroorat ni cha.

English : Do I talk much?

Garhwali : Kya me bahut boludu?

English : Shall I tell you the truth?

Garhwali : Sach boli diu(n)?

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